’60 Minutes’ Releases Eerie ‘Havana Syndrome’ Audio After White Home Incidents

New audio posted by “60 Minutes” on Sunday reveals what the noise linked to “Havana Syndrome” sounds wish to those that declare to have skilled the mysterious situation.

Those that’ve suffered say it started after listening to this sound.

Nonetheless, “60 Minutes” mentioned listening to the audio, recorded by an unnamed former official, won’t result in any of the issues related to the syndrome because the sound is a “byproduct” and never the trigger.

Speaker alert: You may need to flip down the amount earlier than enjoying this:

Whereas a lot of the incidents linked to the situation occurred abroad, the CBS Information present reported a number of instances round Washington, D.C. ― together with some on White Home grounds.

“It was like this piercing feeling on the side of my head, it was like, I remember it was on the right side of my head and I got vertigo,” Olivia Troye, a homeland safety and counterterrorism adviser to then-Vice President Mike Pence, told “60 Minutes.”

She mentioned she felt it in 2019 on a staircase within the Eisenhower Government Workplace Constructing, which is a part of the White Home campus, in addition to 3 times on the close by Ellipse.

“I was unsteady, I was, I felt nauseous, I was somewhat disoriented, and I remember thinking, ‘OK you’ve got to ― don’t fall down the stairs. You’ve got to find your ground again and steady yourself,’” she mentioned.

Lots of of U.S. officers have mentioned they’ve suffered from a variety of unexplained points together with complications and nausea after listening to uncommon sounds, with the primary identified instances traced to employees on the U.S. Embassy in Cuba in 2016, giving the situation its title.

The CIA final 12 months mentioned most cases did not appear to be caused by a foreign power, however investigations proceed.

To date, no agency clarification has emerged however theories embody a weapon utilizing vitality, akin to microwaves. Others have speculated at a psychological origin, together with mass psychogenic sickness, extra popularly often called “mass hysteria.”

Whereas the Trump administration handled the condition with skepticism, President Joe Biden final 12 months signed laws to ensure care and compensation to victims.

Read the full “60 Minutes” report here.

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