Wayward dolphin makes its way to Connecticut river from Long Island Sound

NORWICH, Conn. — A wayward dolphin has been swimming in a Connecticut river after making its way upstream from the Long Island Sound.

The dolphin was first noticed Thursday morning by fishermen alongside the Thames River. A video posted to Fb reveals the dolphin jumping around near the Norwich Marina, about 15 miles (24 kilometers) from the Sound. Ultimately, the animal rescue group at Mystic Aquarium was notified. They’ve been monitoring the state of affairs together with the Nationwide Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The ocean mammal was noticed in the identical space once more on Friday morning.

The dolphin seems to be small and could also be a juvenile, mentioned Alexandra Cojocaru, the aquarium’s animal rescue technician.

It’s doable it was on the lookout for meals or just bought rotated and separated from its pod, she mentioned.

Cojocaru mentioned it’s uncommon, however not unprecedented, for a dolphin to make its way into the river, and she or he is hopeful it’ll finally discover its way again to Long Island Sound while not having to be rescued.

“If they remain in fresh water for extended periods of time, that could lead to issues with their skin and other things,” she mentioned. “So, it’s definitely not ideal for them to be in fresh water for a long period of time.”

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