Fry shop owner dismayed no one came to her staff’s rescue

The trio of girls who allegedly trashed a Lower East Side french fry shop due to a $1.75 cost for dipping sauce left behind $25,000 in damages — and terrified staffers, the owner of the enterprise instructed The Publish.

Simply as dangerous had been the greater than 20 individuals who celebrated the mayhem and did nothing to cease it, stated Bel Fries proprietor Annalee Schlossberg.

“Not only were [the women] crazy, destructive animals, but everyone just stood by and watched,” the 23-year-old entrepreneur stated. “Everyone outside was recording and laughing and cheering on the girls, which is the most disgusting part.”

Schlossberg, whose two-year-old eatery is within the coronary heart of the debauchery-filled area nicknamed Hell Square, stated she plans on rising safety to preserve her staff secure.

“I’m thinking I’ll need a bouncer and protective glass across the entire counter so no one can get through,” she stated.

The livid French fry fiasco unfolded July 3, when Pearl Ozoria, 27, Chitara Plasencia, 25, and Tatiyanna Johnson, 23, had been requested to pay $1.75 for additional dipping sauce, workers claims.

Three girls trashed Bell Fries in Manhattan after being requested to pay a cost for dipping sauce.
One of the woman standing on the french fry shop's counter.
One of many girl standing on the french fry shop’s counter.
The women caused $25,000 in damage.
The ladies triggered $25,000 in harm.

The ladies went ballistic, tearing down the plexiglass COVID guard alongside the counter, ripping out the money register and hurling glass bottles and stools on the staff, viral video of the episode showed.

“I felt so angry because I couldn’t do anything. These are ladies,” stated fry prepare dinner Rafael Nunez, 38, who captured the madness on his telephone. “I had knives in the shop, but I can’t use those. Recording was the only way to defend myself.”

Worker Maria Baez, 33, who wanted a staple in her head after being struck by one of the pill money registers, stated she hasn’t left her home for the reason that incident.

According to Bell Fries owner Annalee Schlossberg, none of the other customers did anything to help stop the women.
In accordance to Bel Fries owner Annalee Schlossberg, not one of the different prospects did something to assist cease the ladies.
Helayne Seidman
The women destroyed the shop's tablet cash register.
The ladies destroyed the shop’s pill money register.
Helayne Seidman

She was appalled on the onlookers who appeared to revel within the chaos.

“I’m barely five feet tall. I couldn’t defend myself,” she stated. “I’ve never felt so cornered and attacked. My coworkers couldn’t jump in otherwise the whole crowd may have come at them.”

“I told Annalee I’m still afraid,” she added. “I don’t think I’ll ever be the same.”

Police arrived shortly after the blitz ended, and with blood dripping down her head, Baez helped cops determine the alleged attackers.

Chitara Plasencia in Manhattan Criminal Court on July 8, 2022.
Chitara Plasencia in Manhattan Legal Courtroom on July 8, 2022.
Alec Tabak for NY Publish
Tatiana Johnson in court. The women were charged with assault.
Tatiana Johnson in courtroom. The ladies had been charged with assault.
Alec Tabak for NY Publish

“I never thought this was something that would happen to me,” she stated. “I don’t even feel like going to work because as a mother my priority is getting home to my child.”

Like Baez, Nunez is frightened to return to work, too.

“I’m thinking about sticking around with the job, but I’m worried something like this might happen again,” he stated.

Schlossberg said she is planning on increasing security by hiring a bouncer and installing protective glass.
Schlossberg stated she is planning on rising safety by hiring a bouncer and putting in protecting glass.
Helayne Seidman

The three girls appeared earlier than Decide Jonathan Svetkey in Manhattan Legal Courtroom Friday on assault costs.

Assistant District Lawyer Kelly Moran requested grand jury proceedings for Plasencia and Johnson, and the 2 are due again in courtroom subsequent month.

Ozoria, who allegedly hit an officer whereas she was being arrested, was held on bail of $5,000 money or $25,000 bond.

Extra reporting by Irie Sentner

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