Dinosaur With Distinctive Physiology Roamed Africa 150 Million Years In the past: Examine

Dinosaurs roamed Earth hundreds of thousands of years in the past however little was recognized about them outdoors the scientific group until the early 90s. Fascinating particulars about these prehistoric reptiles at the moment are being found after finding out dinosaur fossils. One in every of these fossils has revealed {that a} unusual dinosaur with spiky, armored pores and skin lived round 150 million years in the past. Scientists have recognized this dinosaur because the ankylosaur, a detailed relative of the extra well-known stegosaurus.

Till now, restricted fossil information prevented researchers from figuring out the true vary of this historical creature. However they’ve discovered now that the ankylosaur doubtless walked numerous elements of Earth between the late Jurassic and early Cretaceous intervals. Printed within the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution not too long ago, the examine reveals particulars about these bizarre-looking dinsoaurs and says the oldest recognized ankylosaur was present in Africa. It additionally says extra fascinating discoveries associated to the reptiles might be made in Africa.

The scientists, together with lead creator Susannah Maidment, a researcher on the Pure Historical past Museum in London, used X-ray expertise to analyse a fossil, named NHMUK PV R37412, from the Pure Historical past Museum of London. The specimen, containing a rib with 4 rows of spines, originated in Morocco.

The researchers mentioned the fossil dated again to the Center Jurassic interval (about 163–168 million years in the past). They are saying the ankylosaur had a “bizarre” armour that is fused to the animal’s rib and protrudes — a novel physiology that has by no means been seen in any vertebrate to this point.

“This is weird because animals have muscles that run across the surface of the ribs. This ankylosaur must have had a different arrangement of muscles across its back,” Maidment advised Inverse. She says no recognized vertebrate, dwelling or extinct, has armour fused to its bones.

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