Russia-Ukraine Battle: “After Ukraine…”: Putin Ally’s Chilling Threat To Poland



Russia-Ukraine Conflict: 'After Ukraine...': Putin Ally's Chilling Threat To Poland

Ramzan Kadyrov is often accused of stunning human rights violations in Chechnya

Amid the continuing Russia-Ukraine conflict, a video of Chechen chief and Vladimir Putin’s ally Ramzan Kadyrov goes viral on social media the place he’s seen threatening Poland. Within the video posted on Twitter, Kadyrov may be seen saying that the “issue of Ukraine is closed” and that Poland is subsequent.

Within the subtitles proven beneath the video, he may be seen saying, “After Ukraine, if we’re given the command, in six seconds we’ll present you what we’re able to.”

He then goes on to say that the country should take its weapons back.

Poland is one of the countries in Europe that has supplied Ukraine with a number of weapons to defend itself against the Russian invasion.

In the video, Ramzan Kadyrov also makes a reference to an incident that took place earlier this month when Russia’s ambassador to Poland was attacked with red paint on Victory day, which commemorates the Soviet Union’s victory in the Second World War. The ambassador Sergey Andreev along with his delegation were forced to leave the area. In the video Kadyrov can be heard talking about the incident and directing Poland to “beg official forgiveness for what you did to our ambassador”.

The son of a Chechen independence chief who switched sides to hitch the Russians, Ramzan Kadyrov is often accused of stunning human rights violations within the Muslim-majority republic of Chechnya.

Kadyrov welcomed Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and instantly has despatched forces there. He had stated in mid-March round 1,000 of his males have been there. There isn’t any technique to confirm the determine.

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