Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s secret weapon is that this dumb flamingo named Flamigo

Flamigo, the flamingo-inspired Pokémon from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, has turned fairly a number of heads. When the video games first got here out, Flamigo caught flack from followers as some described its look as “bland” and lazy, as a result of it principally seems like a real-life flamingo. But now, gamers have come round to the fowl as a result of it distinguished itself as a viable candidate for aggressive Pokémon, making it a strong ’mon in its personal proper.

Flamigo is a flying/preventing Pokémon launched in Scarlet and Violet. It’s a flamingo whose physique is formed like a punching glove, therefore the sort mixture. It doesn’t have any evolutions, so it’s slightly plain in all, however followers are discovering artistic methods to max out this slightly boring fowl’s potential.

For starters, Flamigo has a strong sort mixture. Its flying sort makes it invulnerable to ground-type strikes, and each its preventing and flying varieties give it entry to same-type assault bonuses on highly effective strikes like Close Combat and Brave Bird. Additionally, it has a novel hidden means, Costar, which matches the stat boosts of its ally Pokémon in doubles battles. So if a Pokémon that’s in battle used Swords Dance earlier than Flamigo was switched in, you possibly can swap in Flamigo and it might copy the stat boosts. In addition to this, it additionally will get a strong assist set of strikes like Taunt and Tailwind, making for an amazing assist Pokémon in doubles.

There is a hilarious and really robust technique the place I’ve seen trainers utilizing a mixture of Dondozo, Tatsugiri, and Flamigo. You can watch the complete video beneath, however principally you utilize a particular Tatsugiri to tremendous increase the stats of Dondozo. Once you increase Dondozo’s stats and sacrifice a Tatsugiri, you’ll be able to swap in a Flamigo that may copy the stat boosts of Dondozo.

Game Freak appeared prefer it approached this gen’s Pokémon with a stage of caprice, as a result of most of the plainest creatures have out-of-the-box methods or powers that make them weirdly robust. The dolphin Pokémon Palafin will get a ridiculous stat increase when it comes into battle as its Hero Form and sports activities a base Attack stat of 160. Maushold, which is actually only a group of mice, has an assault known as Population Bomb, which may hit as much as 10 instances in a single single use, with every hit having a base energy of 20.

All in all, mix these absurd methods with the brand new Terastal Phenomenon, which may permit trainers to play with Pokémon varieties, and it’s wanting like we are going to get a enjoyable and various aggressive scene for Scarlet and Violet.

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