Owners of seafood restaurant hit again at PETA over Lent-themed billboard: Going after faith a ‘low blow’

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) positioned a ‘Go vegan’ commercial close to a family-owned Baltimore seafood restaurant urging individuals to not eat fish.

The homeowners of Jimmy’s Famous Seafood determined to reply by creating their very own billboards, telling “Fox & Friends” that PETA crossed a line by going after their livelihoods.

PETA’s billboard learn, “I never lent you my flesh. Go vegan,” with a crucifix and fish picture.

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood’s clap-back billboards learn, “They died to be enjoyed,” and “It’d be a sin to waste them,” with photos of seafood.  

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood launches two billboards in response to PETA’s billboard encouraging individuals to “go vegan.” ((Jimmy’s Famous Seafood))

Owners John and Tony Minadakis advised host Steve Doocy that PETA’s “unlimited pockets” made it “personal with a small family-owned business.” Tony mentioned that is the second time PETA has focused their enterprise.  

“While the billboards at times can be tongue in cheek,” says John Minadakis, “it’s not a laughing matter to come after somebody’s livelihoods.”

John Minadakis mentioned, “these crabs are how we feed our families.”


The restaurant additionally sells shirts saying “People Eating Tasty Animals” the place a portion of the funds goes to a neighborhood animal shelter.

As referred to in PETA’s billboard, Lent is a interval of prayer and fasting noticed by Catholics. 

“To go after religion was a low blow,” mentioned John Minadakis. “Some things should be off limits in the marketing world, and religion is definitely one of those.”

PETA tweeted on the restaurant, “Too bad you don’t have the marketing smarts to realize that people are SNAPPING up vegan eats. Instead of getting your claws out, show kindness to fish & crabs during Lent and year-round by adding a tasty vegan option to the menu.” 

“We were in fight mode right away,” mentioned Tony Minadakis. 

“We were just preparing to see what we were going to do on our side.”