Mom fends off mountain lion cub that attacked 5-year-old son: ‘The bravest woman I know,’ says husband

A courageous California mother, Suzie Trexler, fended off the mountain lion cub that attacked her 5-year-old son, Jack. (Photo: Getty Images, courtesy Trexler household)

A mountain lion cub in San Mateo County, Calif. met its match when Suzie Trexler saved her 5-year-old son Jack throughout a shock assault lately.

The assault occurred within the late afternoon on Jan. 31, when Jack was on a daily hike together with his mother and grandparents in a mountainous a part of the county close to his household’s farm close to Half Moon Bay. It’s a hike the household is aware of nicely, however on that individual day, they bumped into some hassle.

According to his dad, Jay Trexler, Jack acquired somewhat too excited and ran forward of his mother and grandparents — which is when he unintentionally startled a close-by mountain lion cub that snuck up on Jack and started to mangle his head with its sharp paws.

“It happened so fast,” Trexler tells Yahoo Life in a written assertion. “Fortunately, my wife reacted immediately, charged at the cat, and it ran off.”

Suzie carried Jack down the hill they usually rushed him to a close-by hospital. He was handled with “lacerations on his face” in addition to a “fracture near his eye” and “many other cuts and scratches all over his body.” No one else was injured within the assault.

“Jack is an extremely adventurous, brave little boy that is never scared of anything,” his aunt, Amie Wagner, tells Yahoo Life. “He is facing this with great courage as he does with everything in his life and we are confident he will keep his adventurous spirit.”

Wagner, who’s been appearing because the “family spokesperson” throughout this time, says the occasion has been onerous on everybody, particularly on condition that Jack is the infant within the household. “He is the youngest grandchild on our side and adored by our family and everyone that meets him on the farm,” she says.

According to local reports, California Fish and Wildlife Capt. Patrick Foy stated the mountain cub “took [Jack] to the ground,” the place he was “struggling in a fight for his life.” However, as soon as the cub noticed Jack’s mom operating towards them, it launched Jack and ran away.

As reported by KTVU

, a Fox affiliate, investigators plan on gathering DNA proof from the kid’s clothes and wounds to seek for the mountain lion. If the DNA matches, Foy says regulation enforcement will make efforts to take away the animal from the wild.

It’s essential to notice that mountain lion assaults on people are very uncommon. In reality, the Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed that round 20 confirmed assaults have occurred in California in additional than a century of record-keeping, per the Sacramento Bee.

According to the Department of Fish and Wildlife, around 20 confirmed attacks have occurred in California in over a century of record-keeping. (Credit: Getty Images)

According to the Department of Fish and Wildlife, round 20 confirmed assaults have occurred in California in over a century of record-keeping. (Credit: Getty Images)

Trexler’s household has lived on its property for over 12 years, and he and calls his spouse “the bravest woman I know,” saying she “did what she needed to do” to save lots of their son.

“We know the risks of working and hiking in the hills where we live with mountain lions in the area,” he says. “We carry bear spray to be safe. Those precautions didn’t matter in this case. Our son Jack is an active boy who loves to run and explore. That said, when we are in the hills, we keep him close by.”

Trexler and his spouse run Abundant Grace Coastside Worker, a nonprofit in Half Moon Bay providing employment applications and different assist to folks experiencing homelessness.

The excellent news? Jack has since been launched from the hospital and is now recuperating properly at dwelling.

“He’s a very resilient kid, and I am hoping he will bounce back quickly,” he says. “When he recounted the story to me, he said, ‘Dad, a mountain lion tackled me!’ The swelling in his eye is going down. This will be helpful to fully assess if he’ll need surgery or not. Also, he had a great night’s rest and has had moments of playfulness amidst periods of rest and pain management.”

While the occasion has been traumatic, Trexler would not need it to discourage others from having fun with the nice outdoor. “When he is absolutely ready,” the household plans on taking Jack mountain climbing once more, “because that is what we do,” he explains.

“We are an outdoor-loving family, and this experience will not take that away from us,” says Trexler. “I think it’s important to not be afraid of mountain lions but to take care and be alert when you are in their habitat. Even though it doesn’t happen often, things like this can happen in an instant. You have to respect big animals that are capable of hurting you or your loved ones. We are grateful the cat wasn’t bigger and that it didn’t bite our son because it would have been a different story.”

He continues: “We are going to help our son recover and then go live our life to the fullest.”

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