Video Reveals an Uncommon Animal Ordering Fries at In-N-Out Drive-Through

Lots of crazy things happen in Vegas and lots of crazing things happen at drive-thrus, when you put them together, anything can happen. Customers at an In-N-Out in Las Vegas were treated to an eye-popping surprise when a camel showed up at the drive-thru.

Video captured by Sky New Network shows the tall tan camel waiting patiently behind another car. She saunters up to the window and places her order. Naturally, she drew a lot of attention.

Don’t worry, this wasn’t some drunken bachelor party prank. Turns out, the camel is actually a rescue from a nearby sanctuary and happens to love In-N-Out french fries. “She loves french fries,” says her handler as he feeds her. “She was waiting patiently.”

Her name is Fergie, 12, and apparently, she’s into Wendy’s and bagels too. You can follow her fast-food adventures by seeking out #fergiethecamel and following @jeffrys_farm on Instagram. Honestly, a camel is a perfect animal to visit a drive-thru, her long neck puts her right at window level. And if she loves In-N-Out we urge her to fry Five Guys Fries, which won our french fry taste test.

Next time you’re in a Vegas fast-food joint, keep an eye out for Fergie and buy her some hot fries.


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