My landlord shamed my attractive job — then greater than doubled my lease

An OnlyFans star says her Miami landlord greater than doubled her lease after discovering out about her X-rated occupation.

Romi Chase, 29, informed South West Information Service that the male home-owner upped the value of her four-bedroom pad from $2,300 to $4,800 per thirty days after doing a shock dwelling inspection.

“He actually didn’t inspect anything” the busty brunette claimed. “Allegedly he discovered my OnlyFans. You’ll be able to clearly see it’s an grownup web site, so he in all probability acquired a reasonably good thought of what I used to be doing.

“When he came over, the only thing he inspected was me.”

Recalling their awkward encounter, Chase acknowledged: “He gave me a sort of attitude … But it’s a legal job, I’m paying taxes, I have registered as a small business. I wasn’t going to waste my time trying to explain myself.”

Chase — who has raked in more than a million dollars importing X-rated content material on the saucy web site — alleged that she quickly acquired a letter from the unnamed landlord informing her of the “insane” lease hike.

Chase said her landlord gave her "attitude" when he called around to her rental property for an "inspection."
Chase stated her landlord gave her “attitude” when he known as round to her rental property for an “inspection.”
The brunette beauty received a letter in the mail informing her that her rent was increasing by $2500 per month.
The brunette magnificence acquired a letter within the mail informing her that her lease was rising by $2500 per thirty days.

“It was a 120 percent increase during a time when people were just barely surviving,” the Polish-born magnificence added.

The OnlyFans starlet informed SWNS that she consulted a number of legal professionals, however all of them knowledgeable her that her “dismissive and cold” landlord was inside his rights.

“I was a model tenant; I never missed a payment, even during the pandemic when my career actually thrived,” Chase proclaimed. “I was quiet and low-key, nothing illegal or suspicious ever went on, and I never had an issue with any of my neighbors.”

Chase has since relocated to Las Vegas, and he or she has not appeared again. She stated she is glad she didn’t comply with the exorbitant lease hike, though she might afford to pay it.

Whereas the racy mannequin might greater than afford to pay the elevated lease, she determined she now not needed to remain supporting the judgmental landlord.

“I chose to get the f–k out,” Chase recalled to SWNS.

She has since relocated to Las Vegas — and has not appeared again.

“I have a way better crib now,” the starlet declared. “It’s a five-bed, five-bath with a private pool. It’s my dream home and I came out on top.”

Chase has raked in more than a million dollars uploading X-rated content on OnlyFans.
Chase has raked in additional than one million {dollars} importing X-rated content material on OnlyFans.

Chase relocated to the US from Poland again in 2017, the place she was working as an elementary faculty trainer.

The star claimed she might have been “targeted” by the owner due to her immigrant standing, along with her racy job.

“Was I targeted for being in the adult industry, for being an immigrant or for being a single woman in her twenties making more money per year than he ever did in his entire life? I say all of the above,” she declared.

The Polish-born babe wonders whether her former landlord is now a paying subscriber on her OnlyFans.
The Polish-born babe wonders whether or not her former landlord is now a paying subscriber on her OnlyFans.

“I can’t help but wonder if my landlord, in his research, became an Only Fans customer and enjoyed my work!” she sassily added.

Chase’s rental drama comes as cash-strapped renters in New York turned to OnlyFans in order to pay their landlords.

recent survey by Cinch Dwelling Companies has discovered practically one in 5 folks would begin a raunchy OnlyFans account with a view to make sufficient cash to dwell within the Huge Apple as rents soar throughout town.

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