Man asks Hinge date for ‘refund’ on Chipotle since there gained’t be second date

Guac is extra — and so is the date.

A man went viral on TikTok after he asked his date to pay him back for her Chipotle order since they’re not going on a second date. 

TikToker Big E (Elijah) the Insurance Guy, who has 90,200 followers, posted a video of him calling a girl he went on a date to Chipotle with and asking her to Venmo him the amount of her meal. The video has 436,400 views and 45,700 likes as of Tuesday afternoon.

“This past weekend I went on a Hinge date to Chipotle and I paid for this girl’s burrito,” Elijah starts the video. “She got steak and guac in it, but we’re not going on a second date so I’m gonna call her and see if she will pay me back for it.”

Elijah then calls the date and records the audio for his followers.

“Hey Lucy, Elijah from Goodman Family Insurance and Chipotle this past Saturday. How’re you doing?” he asks after she picks up.

“So listen I was thinking about this past weekend,” Elijah continues. “And when we went to Chipotle, I paid for your burrito which you got steak and guac for which, you know, is fine, but since we established we’re not going on a second date, I was wondering if maybe I could text you my Venmo and you could just kinda pay me back for that meal.”

Elijah is seen pulling out the receipt while Lucy says, “Uhh, yeah, I mean I guess.”

“Appreciate it Lucy. Yours was roughly like $13 — it was a little over that but I’m cool with 13,” he says reading the receipt.

Elijah reads from the Chipotle receipt to tell his date she owes him $13.

“Ok, um, yeah I guess I can do that,” she responded.

“Awesome,” Elijah concluded before hanging up. “I’ll text you my Venmo now.”

He justified his behavior in the comments section, writing: “I’m not proud of this but money is tight right now.”

People had mixed responses in the comments, with some seemingly knowing this was all a joke.

Elijah called his date and recorded the audio for his followers.

“Probably will be a second date now after she saw you were in fact a decision maker,” one person joked.

“Cost of doing business brother. Write it off,” another quipped.

“Bro got a refund,” a user commented.

“There hasn’t been a second date in his lifetime,” one said.

Others weren’t sure what to believe, hoping this wasn’t a real situation.

“Please tell me I’m dreaming … please,” one person wrote.

“No way he did this,” another commented.

“Can someone tell me if the other people are in on this or if it’s real? I genuinely can’t tell lol,” one confused TikToker wrote.

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