I’m running nearly 25,000 miles around the world for charity

Around the world — in 25,000 miles!

An excessive athlete is getting ready to run 40,075 kilometers around the world — or 24,901 miles, which equals the circumference of the Earth — to lift cash for UNICEF.

Tomasz Drybala, 44, plans to spend greater than three years finishing his objective.

The Polish man, who has lived in London for 21 years, will run from London to Athens, from Cairo to Kuwait Metropolis, from Indonesia up by means of South East Asia to Hong Kong, then from the West to the East coast of the US, beginning in Los Angeles and ending in New York.

“We will have lots of equipment behind us and between stages (Europe-Arabia, Arabia-Asia, Asia-US) we have up to four weeks break,” he informed Daily Mail. “It’s not a continuous run. It’s impossible to do it that way. We need time to reorganize our effort and transport all equipment to a new location.”

He plans to journey to every new beginning line by air and has deliberate common journeys again to London with the intention to see his two sons. 

“My body needs time to recover, and I have two sons in London, and they need their father. We have planned weekend breaks every three weeks and breaks during all half-terms for me to see my boys.”

Tomasz Drybala is an extreme runner
The 44-year-old athlete will cease alongside his method to elevate cash for UNICEF and work with native companies and communities.

He intends to lift cash for UNICEF’s Ukraine Disaster Enchantment.

 “I’m a father of two sons, and I can’t imagine not being able to see them. I want Ukrainian fathers to know that we are taking care of their sons and daughters while they are fighting for land for their homes,” he informed News & Star.

“Being able to provide support and raise funds for critical care services is something I am passionate about for two reasons; firstly, my commitment to building trauma-informed communities, supporting child protection and education and secondly, because part of my family lives in Lviv in Ukraine and are directly affected by those events we are watching unfold on television.”

Drybala will keep at a string of motels earlier than being joined by his assist crew in a caravan at the finish of October 2022 to relaxation on the highway and get monetary savings.

The keynote speaker and meditation coach will fund his journey by means of financial savings and sponsorships as he paperwork his journey on Instagram. He plans to work with native communities and companies alongside the method, informing them about childhood traumas, which he suffered.

“I don’t set out to beat any world record. I’m running with a message and building trauma-informed communities along the way of my running route. The journey is rewarding in itself,” Drybala informed Each day Mail.

He has been coaching for his run by finishing around 40 km (about 25 miles) a day throughout the UK and as much as 56 km (35 miles).

“I do these runs by myself. I just run with a backpack. And I am running from hotel to hotel,” he defined. “One of the days I ran 56km. I was running 40km uphill and the last 16km was downhill. I ran out of water twice. It was quite difficult.”

Tomasz Drybala began running to improve his mental health in 2018
Drybala will start by staying at motels earlier than he’s joined by his full-time assist crew in a caravan and keep on the highway.

“I am slowly lifting up the distance every week. At the current time I am running around 50km (31 miles) a day. I will get to running 300km (186 miles) a week, around 1,350km (838 miles) a month. I am running Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.”

Drybala started long-distance running in 2018 as a method to enhance his psychological well being after getting divorced and dropping his enterprise.

“I just needed to do something with myself and I decided to start training for big challenges,” he mentioned.

He accomplished his first problem in 2019 when he walked 5 million steps in 100 days. He incrementally elevated his steps and by the finish of the problem was exercising for 12 to 14 hours a day. 

After that, he tried to run 11,000 km (6,835 miles) from Hanoi, Vietnam, to Bali, Indonesia however was pressured to vary his plans when the world locked down resulting from the COVID pandemic.

Drybala intends to set off for his latest problem in August and is hoping to complete his wonderful world marathon activity by the finish of 2025.

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