I’m a waitress and here’s what I do to get better tips from customers

This waitress is tipping the scales and shaking up the system to earn more cash from customers.

A server, who goes by the title Tamela Anderson on TikTok, shared a number of clips about what it’s like work in eating places, and described how she’s turned her customers’ dangerous habits into large tips.

In one clip, she recalled a man who tried to get recent together with her a work.

“If men were going to be making inappropriate comments to me, I’m just going to start making inappropriate comments back to them,” she vowed.

Anderson then recounted an expertise with a man who requested her to pop a squat on his lap.

“I was working at a brewery and this guy that would come in sometimes came at the bar,” she mentioned. “And he was pretty drunk and asked me to sit on his lap.”

“And I looked at him and I was like, ‘I’ll come sit on your lap, if you give me that $100 bill that I know is in your wallet,’ ” she sternly quipped to the person.

The waitress isn’t afraid to clap again at impolite customers.
She advised followers on TikTok that she “stoped caring” in the direction of the tip of her restaurant profession — which really resulted in better tips.

The person reportedly reached in to his pocket to retrieve his pockets and hand Anderson the cash. She went on, “I took and I was like, ‘thank you, I’m not going to come sit on your lap though.’ And I walked away. And I could hear him laughing about it.”

The gentleman continued to frequent the distillery, asking to have “only” Anderson as his waitress.

The server lamented in another TikTok that one buyer bashed her coloured hair.

“You know what else is crazy? Making a comment to your server who is just trying to do f–king her job, that you’ve never been a fan of women with her hair color,” she groaned. “Or making a comment about her appearance at all. That’s what’s f–king crazy.”

She additionally identified, “Me deciding to make an inappropriate comment to a man who thinks he has a right to just make comments like that to a server is not that crazy.”

The aforementioned client initially left her a measly $5 tip, however as soon as she snapped again at him, he gave her a greater one.

Anderson clarified in a follow-up post that her intention wasn’t to disgrace him into leaving more cash — solely that she “stopped caring” about what others say to her.

“I got to a point in my serving career, near the end, when I just stopped caring and started being a little bitchy back to all of my tables,” she mentioned.

Anderson concluded, “And what’s funny is I actually started making more in tips. So if you’re a server/bartender and you’re still new, and you’re trying to push through the sh-ttiness by being overly nice, do not kill them with kindness.”

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