I hide in my car to watch Netflix, snack — and escape my kids


A mom hides in her car for 90 minutes per week — simply to be alone and escape her kids.

Claire Haiek has three youngsters — two boys, aged 11 and 13, and a seven-year-old lady.

The hardworking Australian mom admitted on-line that after per week, she takes 90 minutes to herself to gorge on snacks, eat some sushi and watch some lighthearted TV in peace.

“It’s absolute heaven to just sit and be,” the Sydney resident wrote on kidspot.com.

She enrolled her daughter Olivia in 90 minutes of tap and ballet classes and realized she wouldn’t have sufficient time to drive dwelling and would simply have to sit and wait.

“I thought it would be painful, but boy was I wrong!” Haiek stated.

Claire Haiek sits in her car and does no matter she desires each Thursday for 90 minutes.
Claire Haiek

Haiek initially entertained ideas of taking the time to exercise however quickly gave in to her true parenting needs, a weekly scheduled time slot to simply chill out.

She does get some train in at instances, like when she’s strolling to the grocery retailer for extra snacks, the espresso store for a sugary drink or the sushi restaurant for some contemporary rolls.

“Most of the time though, I just lie back, gorge on snacks I don’t have to share with anyone and binge-watch something lighthearted and funny,” the mom of three shared. “Some weeks I sit on the phone with my mum or my bestie, others I just play word games on my mobile phone.”

Mom's secret snacks
Typically she walks to a close-by store to get sushi rolls for her personal non-public meal time.
Claire Haiek
Mom hides in car watching Netflix
More often than not, Haiek lounges in her car watching Netflix and having fun with her snacks.
Claire Haiek

There are some particularly busy weeks when Haiek takes benefit of the free time to get some work or errands executed, however more often than not she just takes her 90 minutes to sit back and relax.

“I’ve really started to look forward to it,” she stated.

“Without crumbs on the floor begging to be vacuumed up, without a pile of ironing waiting to be pressed, without kids to feed and shower. And most importantly, without the temptation to do anything other than just sit. It’s exactly what I need by the time 5 p.m. rolls around on a Thursday evening.”

Daughter runs to car after dance practice
She says hiding in her car “has nothing to do” together with her household however forces her to take the time to chill out each week.
Claire Haiek

After a number of weeks of pulling into the identical parking spot for her weekly Thursday joyful hour and a half, Haiek realized that she wasn’t the one father or mother benefiting from the time. She observed a father hanging out in their car, however he hasn’t cracked the code.

Haiek famous that he had one other older youngster in the car with him, “which may be nice for them but it’s such an amateur move.” She admitted that she as soon as introduced her son to her 90-minute free time however he actually “killed the vibe.”

“So yes, I hide in my car to be alone, but it has nothing to do with my husband and kids and everything to do with forcing myself to relax.”

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