Flight attendant reveals the five biggest mistakes passengers make

A flight attendant has revealed the five issues it is best to by no means do as a passenger – and also you’ve in all probability achieved at the least one among them.

Deanna Castro, who has been a flight attendant for 16 years, shared a few of the biggest mistakes you have probably made.

One in every of them begins as quickly as you bought in the airplane, explaining one among the biggest methods to carry up a flight is to dam the aisle.

She defined: “When boarding, it’s well mannered to step into your row and permit different passengers to cross behind you. 

“It’s okay to take a few extra minutes to get ready, but please step into the aisle and wait for a lull in traffic.”

Transferring out of the method additionally extends to mid-flight when you’re sitting in your seat – and don’t unfold out into the aisle.

Deanna added: “When you find yourself dangling physique components into the aisle, flight attendants can journey and get harm.

“Not only that, but you could get hurt — especially from a cart. Seat space is getting smaller, but it’s still proper airplane etiquette to stay out of the aisle.”

A flight attendant assists a passenger before a JetBlue flight to London at JFK International Airport in the Queens borough of New York City, New York, U.S., August 11, 2021.
Flight attendant Deanna Castro urges passengers to take away their headphones when speaking to them.
REUTERS/Jeenah Moon

One other enormous mistake passengers make is when to use headphones throughout a flight.

She defined: “Certain, they’re improbable for leisure when you’re on the airplane — however take them out when talking to the flight attendants.

“Flight attendants have a lot of people to take care of and it’s polite to be ready when they get to your row.”

Be sure you use then when listening to music or speaking to somebody, nevertheless.

She added: “You wouldn’t want somebody next to you blasting something that you’re not interested in hearing. It’s not really fair to everyone else.”

And eventually? If you’re sick throughout a flight, what you shouldn’t do is attempt to hand it to flight crew – as they don’t need the gross bag.

She defined: “Place it below your seat.

“We can give you an extra bag to wrap it up in, but please don’t push that hot steaming bag of vomit into a flight attendant’s hands.”

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This story initially appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced right here with permission.

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