Harper Wilde apologizes for ‘creepy’ Ryan Reynolds advert for lingerie

Lingerie model Harper Wilde issued an apology Monday for its advert marketing campaign that in contrast their bras to Ryan Reynolds holding the wearer’s breasts.

The advert, which appeared in a now-deleted Instagram submit on Friday, reveals a pink background and white squiggly font that reads, “This bra is like if Ryan Reynolds was gently holding up your breasts and whispering in your ear that you are doing a good job … honestly,” according to the Independent.

A screenshot of the advert made its means round social media, inflicting quite a few raised eyebrows.

“This is the worst kind of marketing,” tweeted one individual.

“Yeah I’d absolutely hate that,” added one other.

“Only straight men think Ryan Reynolds is hot like we’ve been thru this. We want Pedro pascal and Oscar Isaac!” a 3rd individual chimed in.

One person cheekily tweeted on the “Deadpool” actor to attempt to verify the validity of the assertion.

@VancityReynolds can you confirm that a bra company took the necessary measures to ensure we receive the Blake experience,” they stated.

A screenshot of the advert circulated round social media, leading to raised eyebrows.
Harper Wilde

The lingerie brand issued a statement Monday while responding to a Reddit thread saying that the comment was actually a user's review.
The lingerie model issued an announcement Monday saying that the road within the advert was really a person’s overview.
Twitter/Harper Wilde

The lingerie model issued an announcement Monday via a Reddit thread, during which the corporate clarified that the remark was really a person’s overview.

“For context, this is actually a review by a real customer originally meant to run with a series of other reviews – we thought it was cheeky enough to run as an ad, but the attribution was cut off at the bottom by the ad interface (original ad series attached!),” they wrote.

“The core of our brand is ultimately about designing bras by boob-havers for boob-havers while divesting from the male gaze. While we clearly have customers who are straight women, this single review doesn’t represent our entire brand,” the corporate continued.

“Our small team is 99% women and we absolutely do not condone creepy non-consensual boob-grabbing of any kind, even in a figurative hypothetical bra-review. We’re so sorry this creeped anyone out! Absolutely not our intention and we’ve pulled the ad from running.”

The Post has reached out to representatives for Reynolds for remark.