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Exploring Outer Wilds’ gorgeous clockwork photo voltaic system in 2019 was really one thing particular, so getting the possibility to return in a DLC enlargement looks like Christmas got here early – or, on this case, extra like Halloween. Echoes of the Eye weaves yet another thread value pulling into the already advanced tapestry of Outer Wilds, handily recapturing its charming, woodsy-sci-fi aesthetic and complex time-loop puzzle fixing, however this time with a creepier tone and some sections that totally shift genres from journey to horror sport. That’s not precisely what I ended up wanting from extra Outer Wilds, and its siloed nature does make it slightly extra linear to discover, however Echoes of the Eye remains to be an excellent motive to revisit this ever-exploding star.

Earlier than I dive in, a fast phrase about spoilers: I’m not going to get into particular plot factors or puzzles options right here, however I’ll focus on a few of the new areas and mechanics. Anybody who has performed the bottom sport is aware of that a lot of the magic of Outer Wilds can come from the shock of stumbling upon an exciting discovery or witnessing one in every of its timed occasions from simply the correct spot. Echoes of the Eye isn’t any exception, and I’m going to protect that shock as a lot as potential, however these trying to go in totally recent ought to be warned that a few of will probably be talked about by necessity.

Echoes of the Eye cleverly integrates its new mysteries by pretending they’ve been there all alongside, hiding within the shadows. A brand new exhibit within the museum on Timber Fireplace will level you towards a close-by analysis station monitoring a photo-taking satellite tv for pc, and following that easy however thrilling lead will finally land you in a brand-new space with simply as a lot to do as any of the bottom sport’s planets. This setup does imply that Echoes of the Eye gained’t have you ever bouncing across the photo voltaic system attempting to piece collectively distant clues, which does make its discoveries slightly extra easy to unravel, however there are nonetheless loads of intertwining secrets and techniques to search out on this space alone.

The majority of this facet journey is mainly a haunted river-rafting journey (which completely guidelines), with lots of its puzzles and new mechanics constructed round utilizing gentle. That features the rafts you’ll be driving between areas, which have orbs you possibly can shine your flashlight on to drift in a particular course, in addition to locked doorways that open when illuminated. It’s a neat little twist that units the way you navigate this space aside from the others, however it additionally maintains that very same sense of marvel as issues change in stunning methods at set instances throughout every loop.

The give attention to gentle ties completely into this DLC’s spookier vibe.

The focus on light is also a clever choice because it ties perfectly into Echoes of the Eye’s spookier vibe, often forcing you to wander through the dark and occasionally making light a luxury you desperately wish you could afford. Avoiding spoilers as much as possible, this new area is essentially split in two: one half is much closer to the physics-bending, awe-inspiring planet exploration of the original game, while the other occasionally warps Outer Wilds into a proper horror game. I’m talking a “stumbling around in the dark trying to figure out how to progress while monsters hunt you” type of horror sport – and it certain does play that metaphorical screeching violin effectively.

Outer Wilds has at all times had some creepier sections and the looming risk of dying, however this tangible mechanical shift (whereas effectively carried out) isn’t one I used to be anticipating, and in the end wasn’t one thing I used to be too thinking about in comparison with my earlier planet hopping. I’ll freely admit that I’m not typically into horror video games total, and those that are will virtually actually take pleasure in these sections greater than I did, however that’s kind of the issue; these bits are so in contrast to the remainder of Outer Wilds that they virtually really feel like a completely totally different sport – one which’s enjoyable however far much less distinctive, and just about simply had me wishing I used to be enjoying extra of its standard type as an alternative.

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The horror sections are unavoidable, however fortunately not an enormous a part of the roughly seven hours Echoes of the Eye’s surprisingly hefty enlargement took me to finish. (There’s additionally a “Reduced Frights” menu choice that makes these sequences rather less intense, which is a small however appreciated inclusion for individuals who actively dislike horror however love Outer Wilds, though not one which modifications sufficient to actually remedy that exact drawback.) And style be damned, the story informed all through this DLC remains to be an enthralling one. The self-contained construction and extra linear structure of its areas does imply the items of that story are simpler to assemble than the historical past of the bottom sport’s Nomai, however that doesn’t imply they’re not enjoyable to uncover all the identical.

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