Alex Trebek’s widow Jean: It’s ‘astonishing’ how a lot ‘Jeopardy!’ host was cherished

Perpetually in our hearts.

Alex Trebek’s widow, Jean Currivan Trebek, opened up about how she didn’t actually perceive how a lot her husband was cherished till he started his most cancers battle.

The enduring “Jeopardy!” host passed away in November 2020 after a public wrestle with pancreatic most cancers. He was 80. He first introduced his prognosis in March 2019.

“Alex was my dear husband and my most beloved friend. Like most long-term relationships, we had our ups and downs, but the truth of it was that we were very close and experienced a lot of life together,” Jean, 57, advised the Eden Magazine.

She continued, “It was important to Alex to keep his personal life separate from his professional life, unless it was ‘needed.’ [For example,] attending an award show or something like that. For the most part, Alex and I enjoyed staying at home. When we did go out, it was perhaps for a quick dinner or movie every now and then, so it wasn’t like we were always out in public for me to really notice his popularity.”

Jean defined how she wasn’t absolutely conscious of how a lot of a pop-culture icon Trebek was and the legacy he was leaving. “We received cartons of mail every day filled with get-well cards, etc., at our home address, and I knew that the studio was receiving so much more. It was astonishing,” she stated. 

Jean Currivan-Trebek and Alex Trebek
Jean Currivan Trebek and Alex Trebek married in 1990 and had been collectively till his loss of life in 2020.
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“In looking back, the fact that I did not identify Alex as an ‘icon’ was a gift. We were equal partners in a marriage, and we had our own personal growth issues to deal with just like any ordinary couple,” she stated. “It would have been really weird for both Alex and myself if I thought of him as some celebrity. He could just be himself at home, and that was it.”

She then went on to cite Queen Elizabeth’s highly effective phrases about “grief” being “the price you pay for having loved.”

“It’s true,” Jean stated. “There are moments of my day that I miss Alex so much, and I just have to allow myself those times. Sometimes I feel as if he’s been on a long vacation, and then there are other times that the reality of the absence of his presence is really palatable. I find that being with my family and friends or doing something creative and new is really helpful.”

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