Chinese Teen Who Ate 3 Kg Of Her Own Hair Had No More ”Space Left For Food ” In Stomach



She pulled her hair a lot that she went nearly bald.

People the world over have bizarre addictions similar to this 14-year-old teenager from China who had a wierd behavior of excessively chewing and ingesting her hair. Over the years, she chewed on a lot hair that she ended up with a hairball weighing three kilograms in her abdomen, South China Morning Post (SCMP). Not solely that, she pulled her hair a lot that she went nearly bald. 

The lady was too sick to eat meals and was admitted to a hospital, the place surgeons eliminated the hairball the burden of a brick from her abdomen and intestines, in a two-hour-long operation. According to the SCMP report, the lady, from Shaanxi province, suffers from a situation known as Pica, during which folks compulsively eat dust, paper, clay, and different non-edible gadgets. 

Her grandparents, who introduced her up as a result of her mother and father lived away for work, didn’t discover the dysfunction until it turned too severe, the report stated. 

Shi Hai, the gastroenterologist from Xian Daxing Hospital accountable for her therapy, instructed SCMP, “She came to us because she couldn’t eat. We then found that her stomach was filled with so much hair that there was no more room for food, her intestine was also blocked.” 

“She lives along with her grandparents, who have not paid sufficient consideration to her habits. She might have suffered psychological points for a few years. So I hope, extra typically, that folks can spend extra time with these left-behind youngsters,” Mr Shi added. 

There also have been cases where hair-eating has proved fatal. In 2017, a 16-year-old student in the UK died suddenly due to an infection caused by a hairball in her stomach,New York Post reported. Patients who swallow their own hair are often diagnosed with Rapunzel syndrome, which is caused by a psychiatric disorder called trichophagia, according to the US National Institutes of Health.

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