Bill Nye the Science Guy accused of ‘selling out’ to Coca-Cola


Bill Nye the Science Guy has been accused of “selling out” to Coca-Cola by “greenwashing” its problematic monitor file of dumping plastic, in accordance to a local weather change reporter.

Nye, the host of popular science-themed television applications together with “Bill Nye The Science Guy,” is teaming up with the Atlanta-based tender drink large to tout the firm’s “world without waste” marketing campaign, in accordance to the tech news site Gizmodo.

In a video titled “The Coca-Cola Company and Bill Nye Demystify Recycling,” Nye seems as a puppet-like determine whose head is made out of a plastic bottle. His signature bow tie bears the well-known Coca-Cola emblem.

In the promotional clip, Nye describes how “the good people at the Coca-Cola Company are dedicating themselves to addressing our global plastic waste problem.”

He then goes into element about the firm’s plans to use principally recycled supplies to create bottles for its drinks in addition to its dedication to clear up the setting.

Nye is partnering with Coca-Cola to encourage consumers to recycle plastic bottles.
Nye is partnering with Coca-Cola to encourage customers to recycle plastic bottles.
The Coca-Cola Co.

“If we can recover and recycle plastic, we can not only keep it from becoming trash, but we can use that plastic again and again — it’s an amazing material,” Nye stated in the video.

“What’s more, when we use recycled material, we also reduce our carbon footprint. What’s not to love?”

Molly Taft, the reporter who wrote the Gizmodo article, blasted “Shill Nye the Plastic Guy” for partnering with Coca-Cola, which “has been named one of the most polluting brands in the world by multiple different audits.”

She accuses Coca-Cola of mass-producing low-cost, single-use plastic that’s principally not recycled and leads to landfills and incinerators.

Critics slammed Nye for "greenwashing" Coca-Cola's track record of dumping plastic.
Critics slammed Nye for “greenwashing” Coca-Cola’s monitor file of dumping plastic.
The Coca-Cola Co.

Local weather scientists say that the manufacturing and incineration of plastic provides important quantities of greenhouse gases to the ambiance.

By emphasizing the want to recycle, Taft says that Nye helps Coca-Cola put the onus on the client moderately than on the firm, which reportedly produces round 3.3 million tons of plastic packaging per yr.

She wrote that partnering with Nye is “part of the company’s strategy to publicly cut ties with the oil industry while continuing to use oil products.”

The public relations campaign involving Nye and Coca-Cola is titled "Creating a World Without Waste."
The general public relations marketing campaign involving Nye and Coca-Cola is titled “Creating a World Without Waste.”
The Coca-Cola Co.

The Publish has reached out to each Nye and Coca-Cola looking for remark.

“If Coca-Cola was serious about a ‘world without waste,’ as Nye says in the video, it would be innovating ways to sell products that use no plastic at all,” Taft wrote.

“And if Nye wants to really galvanize people on climate change, maybe he shouldn’t do promotional videos for one of the oil and gas industry’s most dedicated customers.”

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